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Asbestos Collection & Disposal within the birmingham area

Environmental Concern ltd offers a fast and efficient asbestos waste collection service, making disposal of your waste simple and stress free.



For residents within the Birmingham area, please contact your council directly, and they will liaise with us to collect your bagged asbestos waste.  This service (up to 6 bags) is currently provided free of charge to Birmingham residents providing the following;


We will collect the asbestos cement as long as:

  • it is wrapped and sealed in heavy duty plastic sheeting

  • it is stacked in quantities that two people can handle easily

  • any asbestos cement debris is sealed in double plastic sacks

  • You can only request this service once in a 6-month period.




Environmental Concern Ltd offers a fast and efficient asbestos waste collection service, within the Birmingham area, making disposal of your asbestos waste simple and stress free.

For your complete peace of mind once we have collected all your bagged asbestos waste and taken it to our facility we will give you a safe disposal certificate – called a consignment note  – referencing that we collected the asbestos from you, where it was taken, how much the waste weighed and the vehicle registration that transported the asbestos waste.

Keeping Safe Whilst Handling Asbestos for Our Collection

  • Do not break it up. Asbestos only becomes a risk to health when it is damaged or disturbed, allowing the fine particles into the air where it can be inhaled. If the asbestos is in sheets, such as in roofs or walls, try to keep them whole.

  • Do bag it up using the appropriate bags or wrapping.

  • Do wear PPE at all times when handling asbestos. When choosing the correct face mask, bear in mind that the asbestos fibres are small enough to penetrate regular dust masks so you will need to ensure that the mask you use is suitable to protect you from the asbestos.

  • Take care not to contaminate yourself or your surroundings.

If you prefer, you can drop your asbestos waste off yourselves at our licensed facility in Birmingham. Please contact us for a a disposal quote. As with all our waste, booking will be required in advance.


Experts in Asbestos Collection and Disposal

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Whether the job is small or large, one off or longer term, why not let us take the strain out of disposing of your asbestos waste with our fast, and cost effective asbestos waste collection service.

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Asbestos Collection and Disposal

Give us a call if you have asbestos that needs to be removed.

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