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Cost effective Total WEEE
Management and recycling Services

If you manufacture, sell or import electronic products onto a European market, then your business must comply with the European WEEE Directive. We support you in  disposing of your electrical products in compliance with the law. Although WEEE recycling is our core business, our waste and recycling service does not stop there. We can also provide for various  other recycling/ disposal services such as Aerosol / Gas cylinder recycling, Hazardous waste and battery recycling. Our specialism in Hazardous WEEE disposal and other difficut to recycle WEEE.

Hazardous WEEE 

Many items of WEEE meet the criteria for hazardous waste under the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. Most common are fluorescent light tubes and cathode ray tubes.

The Hazardous Waste Regulations were amended 2019 to take into account the revised EU Regulation on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).  The new legislation sets tougher controls on chemicals historically used as flame retardants as well as other potentially hazardous substances. 

At ECL Ltd we offer a full and comprehensive recycling service for all your electrical items, including hazardous electrical goods such as Monitors, Fridges, Batteries and luminaries. We manage all of your WEEE Waste in line with government guidelines and legislation, whilst remaining a cost effective and sustainable solution.

As of July 2019, the POPS (Persistent Organic Pollutants) directive in WEEE has come in to force. This means that unless it can be proven that your electronic waste does not contain Persistent Organic Pollutants in the plastics, then it has to be assumed to contain it.


Other hazardous chemicals found in WEEE can be Lead Phosphor, Mercury, CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbon), PCB’s (Polychlorinated Biphenyl’s) and even asbestos as well as a few other chemicals.

You must keep different types of hazardous/special waste separate.This includes WEEE that contains hazardous components or substances such as:

  • polychlorinated biphenyls, eg in capacitors

  • ozone-depleting substances, eg in fridges and freezers

  • asbestos

  • fluorescent tubes

  • nickel cadmium batteries

  • cathode ray tubes, eg

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If you are unsure whether your WEEE waste contains Hazardous components, give our experienced team a call to discuss your requirement.

hazardous weee

Birmingham based Environmental Concern Ltd is a family owned, leading recycling company and waste management service, specialising in Electronic and Electrical waste (WEEE). Our foundations were laid in 1991. Since then we have grown in size and experience, to provide our customers a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound waste treatment facility. Our extensive site license allows us to accept all categories of WEEE waste from your UK site. We reuse, treat, and recycle your waste according to all governmental and environmental policies, always ensuring the best possible consideration for the environment and our customers.

Our speciality is WEEE recycling,  but we also offer a comprehensive range of recycling and waste disposal solutions across Birmingham. Our service is tailor-made to your individual requirements. 


We continue to invest in new techniques and recycling practices to reduce landfill and to offer a cost effective answer to on-going legislative requirements. Whatever your waste requirements, we will endeavour to find a solution that suits you.

We are certificated to international standards ISO 14001 for our Quality Standards and Environmental Management.

We hold Environment Agency AATF permits and we are members of recognised trade bodies underlining our commitment to responsible waste management.


Television (CRT) Flat Screens

Both Flat screen and Analogue televisions contain hazardous chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. When not disposed of properly, these chemicals can end up detrimental to the environment. TVs are also bulky and take up valuable space in landfills. However, they can provide useful materials if reused or recycled properly. At ECL all "none reuse" units are stripped of recyclable components and processed on site, recycling and reusing as many parts as possible.


Fridge & Refrigeration Equipment

Equipment contaminated with refrigerants, oils or containing ozone depleting foam, will normally be classed as Hazardous Waste and require treatment in accordance with Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. ECL uses leading technology to process domestic and commercial fridges and freezers so that Ozone Depleting Substances can be safely removed. The remaining materials are then separated into the individual product streams: steel, non-ferrous metals, plastic and polyurethane foam. The result is the best environmental practice together with a cost efficient process. We accept Fridges - domestic and commercial, Freezers - domestic and commercial, Air conditioning units, & Insulated panels.

fridge (1).png

Items that we can recycle:

  • IT Equipment

  • Televisions / Monitors

  • Printers

  • Photocopiers

  • Fridges / Freezers

  • Air-con Units

  • Fluorescent Tubes & Bulbs

  • Batteries

  • Customs Destruction

  • Laboratory & Medical Equipment

  • Warranty Return items

  • Dated Stock Items

  • Commercial & Industrial Equipment

  • Engineering Equipment

  • Power tools

  • Plotters & Commercial Printers

  • e-Cigarettes

weee appliances.jpg
  • Audio Equipment

  • Alarm systems & CCTV

  • Industrial & Domestic Vacuum cleaners

  • Commercial sweepers

  • Solar equipment

  • Smoke detectors

  • Robotics

  • Electronic Components

  • Cables

  • Product recall

  • Lighting equipment

  • Movie & Broadcasting equipment

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