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If you manufacture, sell or import electronic products onto a European market, then your business must comply with the European WEEE Directive. We support you in  disposing of your electrical products in compliance with the law. Although WEEE recycling is our core business, our waste and recycling service does not stop there. We can also provide for various  other recycling/ disposal services such as Aerosol / Gas cylinder recycling, Hazardous waste and battery recycling. Our specialism in Hazardous WEEE disposal and other difficut to recycle WEEE.


Battery Recycling

An EU directive came into force in the UK in 2010 which stated that by 2016, 45% of batteries by must be recycled. This is a huge task as batteries contain toxic chemicals including acid, lead, nickel, lithium, cadmium, alkaline, mercury and nickel metal hydride. 

When batteries are not disposed of correctly, the casing can disintegrate and the toxic chemicals can leak into the environment, contaminating the soil, water and wildlife.

Lead acid batteries also contain valuable elements which can be safely reclaimed and reused.


Safety tips for disposing of car batteries

  • Battery acid can burn clothing and skin and even cause blindness if it leaks, so wear protective clothing when inspecting a battery prior to disconnection/transportation.

  • Disconnect the battery before inspecting it.

  • Always disconnect the negative cable first and reconnect it last.

  • Before moving a car battery, carry out a thorough inspection of its condition, using a torch to check all sides of the battery for marks, dents or leaks.

  • If the battery has any severe dents or leaks, then contact a professional mechanic or breakdown service for assistance and get it repaired or replaced. Don’t attempt to move it.

  • During transport, cover the terminals so they can’t be shorted out.

  • Keep the battery upright at all times.

  • Batteries can be fairly heavy, so be careful when lifting and carrying the battery. Seek assistance if required.

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