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Gas cylinders and aerosol recycling

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of the substance held inside, the disposal of gas bottles must be carried out by a qualified party.  In all cases, it is vital to ensure cylinders are handled safely and responsibly.  The materials used to manufacture cylinders and their valves are usually suitable for recycling.  Ecl ltd can arrange disposed at our licenced waste management facility.


Gas Cylinder recycling

The majority of gas cylinders in circulation in the UK are re-usable and remain the property of a gas supplier. To return these cylinders, simply identify the owner and request that it is collected. The name of the owner is usually permanently marked on the shoulder of the cylinder.

Some cylinders are sold as non-refillable, e.g. calibration cylinders.  In this case, the new owner is responsible for its safe disposal. 


At ECL ltd we have the technology and expertise to process your gas cylinders and safely remove and treat the contents to ensure full compliance with all statutory and environmental requirements.​

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  • Aerosol cans

  • Balloon gas bottles

  • Beer kegs

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Hazardous gas cylinders

  • High-pressure bottles

  • Industrial gas bottles

  • Laboratory gases

  • Toxic gases

  • Lecture bottles

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) bottles

  • Medical gas bottles

  • Non-hazardous gas cylinders

  • No-return gas cylinders

  • Pub gas bottles

  • Refrigerant cylinders


aerosol recycling

We use around 600 million aerosol cans each year in the UK, which roughly works out at approximately ten aerosols per person. Thankfully, the number of aerosols sent to landfills within the UK each year is gradually reducing. A recent survey found that 70% of consumers ensure their aerosol products are sent to recycling facilities. 


Aerosol recycling is a process which takes aerosols and allows recovery of the various components present in an aerosol, including:

  • Gas propellant

  • Liquid solvent

  • Metal container (aluminium or steel bodies)

  • Plastic components


Recycle with us

Give us a call if you have gas cylinder or aerosol waste that needs to be processed. 

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